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Is my pet toxic? How would I know?

Most pet health symptoms, illness and diseases are caused by an accumulation of toxins that our pets are not able to eliminate.

Pets nowadays are suffering from chronic health issues that hardly existed 40 years ago. Most of these illnesses seem to relate to a breakdown of the immune system due to poor nutrition, over vaccinating and exposure to environmental toxins around the home. Much of this can be avoided and/or helped naturally by cleansing your pet from the inside out, and feeding them a high quality diet.

Dog and cat constipation, diarrhea, kidney and liver problems, skin rashes, cancers, intestinal parasites, urinary tract infections, cat fur ball problems, dog valley fever and many more than I can list...

...are just a few of the symptoms pets suffer from, which can be greatly helped by gently, safely, and effectively cleansing their bodies from the inside out and strengthening their immune system. These health challenges can improve (and often disappear) once your pet's body is rid of drugs, pollutants, chemicals and any accumulation of poisons, clearing the body for easier absorbtion and assimilation of the nutrients in their food.

~ ~ Pet health depends on ~ ~

* eating high quality nourishing food

* the cells absorbing those foods properly

* eliminating all toxins from the body

It is very important that your pet is able to eliminate ALL wastes from his body so he can live a happy, healthy life. 

If the diet has been less than high quality, it is most likely that the cells, organs and body systems are not able to function as efficiently as possible. Over time toxins accumulate in the body breaking it down from the inside out. 

One of the most concerning chemicals in commercial pet foods is the preservative Ethoxyquin. It is used to stabilize fats to keep them from becoming rancid and to keep moisture from forming in dry food. It was originally used as a rubber stabilizer and as a pesticide. It has been linked to numerous kinds of cancers in humans and animals. These instances have risen paralleling with the increased use of ethoxyquin in commercial pet foods over the last 25yrs. It also absorbs moisture in the intestines leading to constipation and blockages.

Where Do Toxins Come From?

A few common sources of toxins are :

Commercial pet food i.e. fillers, chemical preservatives as in Ethoxyquin, BHA and BHT, Propylene Glycol, Nitrates, Heavy Metals leaching from canned food (Read our article on Pet Nutrition)
Tap water
Drugs, antibiotics
 - flea collars or drops are highly toxic
Plastics - water dishes, chew toys
Fire retardants and antimicrobials - from pets bedding, accessories
Fertilizers, pesticides - Pets walk on the lawn and then lick their paws.
Grooming Products - chemicals are absorbed though the skin or licked off by the animal.
Teflon chemicals - toxic fumes are released into the air when cooking with teflon(non-stick) pans. These fumes will kill birds.

As many of us have observed, our pets have a host of health challenges the wild animals do not suffer from. The bobcat, coyotes, quail and rabbits that travel through and around my property show no signs of being overweight or having skin problems, arthritis, diabetes, incontinence, constipation or diarrhea, valley fever, etc.   The wild animals are not eating poor quality diets, are not vaccinated, or treated with drugs and conventional medicine, and are unlikely to be carrying an accumulation of toxic waste.

With the work I did to heal my own body thru diet and detoxification etc., I knew the process had to be similar for the animals. Well, it is. So I share with you what I have found to gently cleanse the organs and cells of your pet and effectively eliminate this accumulation of toxins, strengthen their immune system and provide over 60 essential trace minerals including calcium in a highly absorbable form…all using what Mother Nature provides naturally.

The animals love it and you'll feel empowered in this process of restoring your pet to optimum health.

How to Naturally Detoxify Your Pet

There are 3 very safe, natural and effective ways to remove the accumulation of toxins in your pet. 

1) ZETOX Liquid Zeolite 

ZETOX liquid zeolite is effective for people and animals, removing heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, chemcials, PCB's, and other chemical poisons safely and naturally. It works very simply and quickly. Just add the drops in 3oz of water and give to your pets.

The liquid zeolite does not do anything else, except remove poisons from the body. The zeolite mineral is so tiny (5 microns) it is able to permeate the intestinal lining, move into the bloodstream and immediately scavenges out toxins pulling them into its cage-like crystalline structure. The zeolite with the toxins imbedded in it leave the body through the elimination process, mainly the urine.

As these toxins are removed, it has a direct affect on the immune system giving it a boost because of the reduction in the toxic load.

More Info ZETOX

(For the complete article on Natural Liquid Zeolite...)

Dosage ~ Mix the drops in three ounces of water away from food. How much to take depends on your pets weight and health condidtion. You can star with one drop two times per day and increase from there. Speak to your veterinarian for exact dosages. Generally for a health pet ~

Cats: 1 to 2 drops for under 10lbs / 2 to 3 drops 11lbs & up twice per day
Dogs: Same as cats; over 50lbs approximately 8 or 9 drops; over 100lbs one dropperful, twice a day

People: General detoxification adults 1 dropperful two to three times per day. Children 3 to 5 drops for little ones and 1/2 a dropperful for older children. 

2) Red Desert® Clay for Pets -

A powerful detoxifier
Also deposits essential minerals in the body

As seen on Animal Planet and Discovery Channel, Red Desert® Clay (edible calcium montmorillonite clay) is our favorite and an excellent detoxifer, safe, effective and gentle, providing many naturally occuring essential nutrients.

Red Desert® Clay has a strong attraction for toxins - literally binding to, and pulling them out of the organs and tissues and flushing them out through the colon. At the same time, the nutrients from the clay (i.e. calcium) are transferred and absorbed into the animal providing much needed essential macro, micro and trace mineral elements necessary to aid in digestion and metabolism, bone and joint strengthening, boosting the immune system and improving overall health and energy. The best part is it is 100% natural!

Animals in the wild are instinctively drawn to places where this clay exists, seeking out nutrients that are lacking in their diet. They have been observed eating, licking and rolling in the clay when it is in mud form. These deposits are known as "mineral licks."


"I feel it is my obligation to let the world know my experience with Red Desert® Clay. My 14 year old dog had a cancerous tumor the size of an egg. His lab work revealed that may not make it thru an operation to remove it. My vet and myself agreed to not remove it surgically. I started giving him Red Desert® Clay and Coral Calcium. After a few weeks the tumor started to flatten out, but didn't change in volume. After 2 months the tumor was virtually gone...maybe the size of the tip of my pinky finger was left. Now, 4-5 months later I can't even find where the tumor was. Before I started giving him the clay and calcium he couldn't hear practically at all...and now his hearing is better too. The cloudiness in his eyes has lessened also. Please remember he is a 14 year old dog...I can't tell anyone how much I believe in Red Desert® Clay." Raquel B., Reno NV.

"Red Desert® Clay has taken care of worms and coccidia - I'm now down to a maintenance dosage of 1 teaspoon a day per dog. They are doing great! Do you need a distributor in New Hampshire?" Kim B. Breeder, Newfoundlands

Remember, trace minerals are essential to animal and human health. "Trace" should not be interpreted as insignificant.

Ingesting the clay has an indirect positive effect on the liver by facilitating the cleansing of the gastrointestinal tract and removing waste, bypassing the liver and general circulation. It is also among the highest and richest natural form of absorbable essential minerals on the earth, and has been around for centuries, right here on Mother Earth.

How Much Red Desert® - Calcium Montmorillonite Clay Should I Use?

Depending on the size and weight of your pet, ¼ tsp to a tablespoon for a horse with each meal. The clay can be mixed with pet food kibble, your pets drinking water, your horse feed, even in the Koi fish pond! Remember to keep drinking water available for your pets throughout the day to wash the toxins out, so they are not just reabsorbed into the body.

(For more info on Red Desert® Clay for Pets...)

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Often pet health symptoms clear up once our pets body is detoxified and a quality diet is in place. Be sure to provide your pet with the highest quality food you can afford.

A brand of grain-free pet food that we recommend is
Taste of the Wild.

Quotes from a well known veterinarian:

"When the moist foods came out, we figured they must have a very strong preservative because they needed no refrigeration. Many of them do have a very strong preservative formalin. Formalin is such a good preservative, in fact, that undertakers use quite a lot of it." Thomas A. Newland, DVM

May you and your companion friends health runneth over!

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