Stop Cat and Dog Constipation
Safely, Effectively
Quickly and Naturally

Cat and Dog Constipation
Can Be Reversed Safely And Effectivel

These digestive challenges are problems that develop over time and can often be reversed safely and effectively, once you understand the cause.

"If your pet is constipated due to the improper elimination of waste – the waste, with the toxins it contains, will be reabsorbed into the blood stream through the colon" Lisa Newman PhD


Before I get into some of the possible reasons for constipation in your pet, here is an immediate solution, which works in a majority of the cases of constipation for people and pets. 

First ~ I am not a veterinarian, and I suggest having your pet checked out by a holistic minded vet first, to be sure there is not a deeper problem. The following information is not intended to substitute for professional veterinarian advice, to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases or medical problems. 

Cat and Dog constipation is a big deal for many animal owners – so I share a simple option that has helped many pets. 

Give your dog or cat some liquid magnesium mixed in with their food.  This can be 1/8th a tsp for small pets and 1 tsp for large pets.  Very large dogs can have 2 teaspoons.  The magnesium can be given 2 or 3 times the first day.  You can also put the magnesium liquid in a dropper and squeeze into the back of their mouth.

Our favorite magnesium is Mother Earth brand since it is 99.9% pure magnesium - Available here>> 

YES…Pet Owners – you will love how well this works for you.
I personally take 1 tsp of Mother Earth magnesium nearly every day when I am not obtaining enough produce.


It is just as important to clean your pet on the inside as it is on the outside. This is very important for removing the accumulation and toxic build-up of waste matter, from food, preservatives and parasites as well as drugs/antibiotics, vaccinations, or chemicals and will help put your pets body systems back in balance and get the organs functioning as nature intended.

The conventional approach for diagnosis and treatment of constipation in our pets is often geared towards controlling symptoms. Unfortunately the drugs used suppress symptoms instead of strengthening the body's ability to heal itself. 

Animals in the wild eat Red Desert® Clay aka premium calcium montmorillonite clay to keep their digestive tracts clean and for the naturally occurring minerals it contains.  When an animal becomes sick or eats something poisonous causing them to become sick, they will often leave the herd or flock and go to an area where this calcium montmorillonite clay naturally exists and stay – returning to the herd once their bodies heal up. This is the same clay featured on Animal Planet/Discovery Channel numerous times.

The Red Desert clay will do is bind to toxins, unfriendly bacteria, chemicals and other poisons, surrounding them and removing these toxins through the elimination process of the body. This clay will also leave behind the naturally occurring minerals and elements it contains, just the way Mother Nature intended.

Only small amounts are needed – approximately 1/8 to 1/4 tsp is used for small animals and up to 1 tsp for larger pets. Horses can be given tablespoons. Red Desert® Clay can be mixed with water, food or you can make a little paste and wipe the clay on their tongue. If it is easier to wipe it on the paw for your pet to lick off – that will work just as well. Be sure to have plenty of water around. Use glass or ceramic bowls, since aluminum and plastics contain toxins.

If your pet is on medication, the Red Desert® Clay may bind to the meds, removing them as it would any other toxin. (This clay does not have an affinity for vitamins and minerals – just negatively charged toxins). With medications - most vets will recommend using the clay 2 or 3 hours before or after meds are given, which usually works fine – but check with your own vet first.

More about (Red Desert Clay)

Do not eat or feed your pet betonite – since most of these are sodium montmorillonite clays, which are excellent for external uses, but not to be taken internally.

 Red Desert® Clay can be eaten every day to boost the immune system, raise the body pH, as a way to remove the toxins ingested from daily living, keep the digestive tract clean and will also leave behind over 60 essential mineral nutrients (such as calcium/magnesium for bones and teeth), just the way nature designed it.

Pet Food

"Chronic digestive disorder symptoms can develop into more serious dis-ease, such as bowel, pancreatic, or liver cancer, diabetes and bowel obstruction. Also, the non-assimilation of nutrients may lead to muscle loss and starvation. However, holistic animal care can reverse these issues quickly and effectively."

The #1 underlying cause for constipation symptoms is a reaction to toxins in mainstream commercial pet food. For example, the preservatives are moisture stabilizers that can dry out the intestines; and these commercial products lack quality fiber for proper digestion so over time the function of the elimination process declines. 

Change your pets diet to high quality nourishing food. 

This will help tremendously and will eliminate the common source of the problem. Once you understand what by-products are and why your pet's food smells the way it does, it will be easier to change the diet. 

High quality ingredients are easy to digest and assimilate and will reduce the burden on the other organs i.e. the liver, kidneys and the intestines. Have plenty of filtered drinking water available (never tap water which contains chlorine and too many contaminants). For guidance in seeking out high quality pet food, read and print our Pet Nutrition Page and take this information to your animal health care store – or start preparing your own meat, rice and vegetables for your pet.

Years of poor quality food, over vaccinating, chemical shampoos and baths, flea/tick potions and sprays, medications and exposure to chemicals and/or pest control products takes a toll on our pets immune system. Often when your pet walks across a beautifully manicured lawn that has just been fertilized or treated with chemical weed killer, he comes inside and licks his paws, ingesting the herbicides and fertilizers spread on the grass. 

Before the constipation symptoms develop into a more serious illness…. change the diet and detoxify the body. Remember to feed your pet his food split in 2 feedings a day instead of one, which will be easier on the digestive system, as well as give him energy throughout the day. When feeding your pet higher quality ingredients remember you will be feeding him less, since there are minimal fillers (most commercial pet foods are nearly 50% fillers). 

Proper detoxification

The cleansing process of the intestinal tract will allow your pet to digest and assimilate and absorb the nutrients in the nourishing food that are vital to rebuilding, healing and strengthening the organs and the immune system. Without this step, your furry friends progress will be slower and the results will be less than optimum. 

Along with the edible calcium montmorrillonite clay, there is –

Natural Liquid Zeolite Drops - This is another product now available for detoxification - Natural Liquid Zeolite drops. Once again this is formulated for people however it works just the same for pets in removing toxins and pesticides etc. Just change the dosage. According to the bio-chemist the particles of zeolite are small enough to penetrate the intestinal wall and travel into the blood stream. Dr. Gabriel Cousens is a medical doctor using only holistic treatments in his health clinic – this link will take you to his article on the (Natural Liquid Zeolite drops….) 

Stem Cell Enhancer – Stem cell enhancers offer a couple of things.First, they act as a naturally occurring anti-inflammatory, second they trigger the release of millions of stem cells from the bone marrow, which can then migrate to areas of the body needing repair, i.e. kidney, liver, intestine, muscle, nerve etc. and third they contain a naturally occurring immune system polysaccharide. (More info on stem cell enhancers...)

Yucca Root – very soothing herb, an outstanding, proven safe, and all natural remedy to reduce the inflammation of the intestinal tract…. Yucca contains steroidal saponins, which are natures most powerful anti-inflammatory agents. For constipation, yucca is excellent to soothe irritated intestinal tissues…reducing pain, inflammation and swelling of the intestines.

In Conclusion

Improving your pets diet, detoxification and supplementation as needed, will be very beneficial. The cleaner digestive tract will do a much better job of self-cleansing on a daily basis and old cells will be replaced with new ones. His/her coat will become shinier and his immune system will be stronger. 

Remember each animal responds individually based on the previous diet, the new diet, and how chronic their condition is. If your pet has a deeper dysfunction, it may take a few months and additional supplementation for the body to come back into balance; but slowly and gradually the immune system will get stronger, and overall, build better health.

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We at The Pet Alternative intend optimum health for you and your companion friends!

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The Pet Alternative is not intended to substitute for medical advice or treatment. It is recommended that you consult your holistic physician, MD, ND…or a holistic veterinarian for your pets. The information and products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or medical problems. This information is provided for education purposes only. 

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