Detoxify Your Pet
Red Desert® Clay

 Calcium Montmorillonite Clay

Safely and Effectively Remove ~

  • Toxins, Chemicals
  • Pesticides, Heavy Metals
  • Unfriendly bacteria
  • Pathogens


  • Remineralize their bones
  • Strengthen their teeth
  • Relieves diarrhea
  • Reversing worms and coccidia

  • Red Desert® “Living Clay”- 100% Natural

    How to Use ~
    Just add approximately ½ tsp powder to their food in the am and pm. It is that simple.

    Strong Detoxifier of Heavy Metals- mercury, lead, aluminum, arsenic, cadmium, etc.

    Removes Toxins- pesticides, food additives, PCB’s, plastics, vaccines, dioxins, etc.

    Bone and Joint Strength- 55% naturally occurring silica as well as boron, iron, magnesium, calcium, manganese etc. Easily absorbable, remineralizing the bones.

    Helpful for Loose Bowels- Quickly relieves diarrhea in 90% of all cases.

    Aids Digestion and Metabolism- Cleanses and detoxifies the digestive track. Increases energy and strength while boosting the immune system.

    Helpful in Reversing- Worms and Coccidia

    Healthy Teeth and Gums- Eating and brushing with Red Desert® Clay, which binds to the unfriendly bacteria, helps remove it from the gum line. Left untouched the bacteria can cause periodontal issues.

    PLEASE NOTE: If you pet is taking medications, check with your veterinarian for the possibility of clay removing them from the body. The book The Clay Cure (available on our shopping cart) suggests taking clay 2 to 3 hours away from medications, but still check with your veterinarian.

    The intention of the Red Desert® Clay is to assist in removing toxins and pathogens from the body, to help prevent the proliferation of pathogenic bacterias and parasites and to help build healthy tissues - remineralizing the cells and building bone strength.

    What Does Red Desert ® Clay offer?

    1) Detoxification - Red Desert® calcium montmorillonite clay is often successfully used for removal of toxins from the body, i.e. heavy metals such as mercury, arsenic, lead, aluminum, cadmium etc., chemicals, PCB’s, and other poisons.
    More on How Pets are Exposed to Toxins>>

    Medications- are toxic to the body. Always check with your veterinarian about the possibility of the clay removing them from your pet's body. The book The Clay Cure suggests taking clay 2 to 3 hours away from medications, but still check with your doctor.

    2) Cysts - Cysts that develop, are sometimes an accumulation of toxins, which build up in specific areas of the body. There are certain premium calcium montmorillonites like Red Desert® Clay that have an abundance of negatively charged ions, and very tiny particle sizes which can permeate into the bloodstream and pull out these toxins, often dissolving the cyst.

    3) Building Bone Strength/ Preventing Bone Loss Bones need calcium; however calcium alone will not build strong bones unless it is taken with adequate amounts of magnesium, boron, plenty of silica in the natural form, Vitamin D and exercise. Magnesium must be present to metabolize the calcium so it can be properly assimilated. If your pet is deficient in magnesium, the calcium is not completely broken down, leaving it unavailable for building bone density. This excess calcium usually builds up as calcium deposits, i.e. kidney stones, arterial plaque, gallstones, arthritis etc. Read more about Magnesium...

    One sudy sponsored by NASA was conducted by Dr. Benjamin H. Ershoff, Phd. His research was prompted by evidence that astronaut's bodies lose large amounts of calcium from their bones under conditions of weightlessness. Dr. Ershoff's studies found that supplementing the diet for animals with calcium alone couldn't reverse the damage of severely accelerated osteoporosis but the high quality calcium montmorillonite in the Red Desert® Clay did.

    When a small percentage of the clay was added to the diet, Ershoff said, the animals body weight increased and bone diseases were prevented. Little or no benefits were noted, he said, when calcium alone was added.

    "Silica, as found abundantly in Red Desert® Clay (55.3%) is necessary for the absorption of calcium into the bone tissue. The calcium atom, under certain pH factors, can be overloaded with phosphorus, which may prevent it entering the bones. Silica, commonly lacking in diets, is recognized to alter the configuration of the molecules, thus enabling calcium to enter the bone mass. This is most useful for re-calcification of the bone structure”

    - Neva Jensen B.S. author, lecturer"

    *Consider including Mother Earth Magnesium & Calcium if you currently are not obtaining enough from food.

    4) Constipation/ sluggish bowels - The Red Desert® Clay is excellent in cleansing the digestive tract of people and pets. Some animals bowels move better with the addition of clay. However, if their bowels are sluggish and they eat clay, you may find their bowels are a little slower, since clay absorbs some of the moisture in the intestines as it moves through. Adding magnesium powder when you give them the clay will help keep their bowels regular.

    It is important your pets empty their bowels easily everyday to prevent the intestines from reabsorbing toxins that are trying to leave the body.

    5) Diarrhea / loose bowels - For people and pets with loose bowels, ingesting Red Desert® Clay several times a day for one or two days will usually stop the symptoms. Clay absorbs extra moisture from the intestine slowing down diarrhea. After that you can give them a maintenance dosage of clay for the nutrients it contains and for the daily detoxification it provides. Always check with your veterinarian if symptoms persist.
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    Often diarrhea that persists is related to a food allergy.

    6) Bacteria - Certain calcium montmorillonite clays have an affinity for many unfriendly bacteria in the body and outside the body. i.e. MRSA, buruli ulcer, E-coli, etc. The effects of clay in binding to unfriendly bacteria in the body is being researched at the university level. You will have to use the clay yourself and see how it works for you or your pets over the weeks and months. Also see clay paks below for external applications.

    7) Clay Packs - You can also make clay packs to remove bacteria on the skin, and to reduce pain and inflammation.

    Mange- Many people have found that their animals have reduced inflammation, itching and irritation when clay packs are applied to the skin. Always check with your veterinarian first, especially if using a medicated shampoo. The clay will pull the toxins out of the shampoo making it less effective.

    8) Teeth/gums/periodontal issues - Brushing your pets teeth with Red Desert® Clay once a day can do wonders for the teeth and gums. The clay binds to the unfriendly bacteria that live around the gum-line. This is the bacteria that causes gum disease.

    NOTE: If your pets are taking medications, check with your veterinarian for the possibility of clay removing them from the body. The book The Clay Cure suggests taking clay 2 to 3 hours away from medications, but still check with your veterinarian.



    Worms & Coccidia - "Red Desert® Clay has taken care of worms and coccidia - I'm now down to a maintenance dosage of 1 teaspoon a day per dog. They are doing great! Do you need a distributor in New Hampshire?" - Kim B. Breeder, Newfoundlands

    Tumor -"I feel it is my obligation to let the world know my experience with Red Desert® Clay. My 14 year old dog had a cancerous tumor the size of an egg. His lab work revealed that may not make it thru an operation to remove it. My vet and myself agreed to not remove it surgically. I started giving him Red Desert® Clay and Coral Calcium. After a few weeks the tumor started to flatten out, but didn't change in volume. After 2 months the tumor was virtually gone...maybe the size of the tip of my pinky finger was left. Now, 4-5 months later I can't even find where the tumor was. Before I started giving him the clay and calcium he couldn't hear practically at all...and now his hearing is better too. The cloudiness in his eyes has lessened also. Please remember he is a 14 year old dog...I can't tell anyone how much I believe in Red Desert® Clay." Raquel B., Reno NV.

    Tick Fever - Hi Maryanne, Lillian here again - I want to let you know that my Mother's dog, Peanut has done a complete turnaround since we started him on the Red Desert® Clay for Pets. As you may recall, Peanut had been diagnosed with Tick Fever and was not doing well at all. He is so much better. Running, happy, gaining weight. He also had a very bad limp on his left front paw (which is one of the signs of Tick Fever). This is almost non-existent. I will be ordering more Red Desert® Clay to be shipped directly to my sister's house in Tucson. Thank you for your website. So glad I found it.

    In addition, I had ordered the StemCell Nutrition product and have given that to my dogs and to Lulu, the pot belly pig we have. Well sure enough, Lulu is doing so much better. She is also getting the Red Desert® Clay in addition to the StemCell Nutrition. The changes in Lulu is the most apparent among our pets. Her skin isn't nearly as dry, she seems to have more hair all over her body (even though Pot Belly's don't have much to begin with). Her eyesight seems to be better and her arthritis is so much better. She's lost weight and she is moving around so much better and faster, it's amazing. I would imagine the weight loss has come from just moving around more or perhaps the StemCelll Nutrition has increased her metabolism. Whatever it is, its been good for her.

    Hope your Holiday Season is Peaceful and in the company of your loved ones.
    -Lil O. Glendale AZ

    Click here for more information on StemCell Nutrition


    How Do We Do This?

    We live in a world where toxic exposure is a part of our everyday lives. From the exhaust in the air we need to breathe to the pesticides in the food we have to eat, there is no way around avoiding toxins completely.

    These poisons bio-accumulate in the body, which means they increase in their concentration over time… slowly contributing to chronic health issues; and then years later our pets and our own bodies start showing signs of common diagnosed illnesses. To Read More About Toxins Click Here.

    Although we cannot protect our animals from all toxins, the Red Desert® Clay will help reduce the toxic load, and aide in remineralizing their cells. Remember cells are the building blocks of the body. If their cells are healthy, they are healthy.

    Edible Red Desert® Clay, is a beautiful naturally occurring calcium montmorillonite clay, which has been sitting in the desert for millions of years. It is the clay of choice written about in magazines, books and on TV shows such as Discovery Channel and Animal Planet.

    Red Desert® Clay is the clay which was used by US Astronauts in their manned space program(NASA). Studies conducted at the university level (UCLA, UC DAVIS, Texas A&M ) showed the effects of clay supplementation using various clays from all over the country. Red Desert® Clay had unquestionable results.

    Most clays are used in great diversity for industrial purposes, and are not edible. Approximately 90% of these are sodium based and their elemental analysis is not intended for ingestion. Red Desert® Clay is unique  calcium montmorillonite clay intended for internal and external use.

    Many clay’s available are termed calcium montmorillonite.
    However, they are not all the same.

    What Makes Red Desert® Clay Unique?

    Particle Size Particle size is VERY, VERY important

    The Red Desert® Clay particles occur in very small micron sizes – 70% are between 2 and 3 microns. For comparison, a hair on your head is approximately 75 microns in diameter. Around 5 microns is small enough to enter your bloodstream. These tiny, tiny particles can permeate into the bloodstream and remove toxins leaving behind minerals.

    This microscopic size gives the clay particles a huge surface area to pull out toxins, this is very important. A smaller clay particle equals greater surface area available to cover a toxin. Therefore more toxins, bacteria, impurities, pathogens etc. are pulled out of the body.

    Dry Hot Regions Clay mines found in areas where there is minimal rainfall and the temperatures are consistently hot are NOT subject to leaching of minerals.

    The Red Desert® Clay mine is located in the southern California desert, and when it is still in the ground, it is known as ION-MIN. In this region, rainfall is minimal, moisture is nearly non-existent, and temperatures are consistently high. This combination of arid conditions has allowed the clay minerals to remain in an alkaline state, rich in silica and alkaline minerals, retaining their highly charged negative ions - which is why it is termed "Living Clay".

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    How Much Clay to Use?

    ~ DOGS and CATS ~

    Wet Food: Mix approx. 1/2 to 1 teaspoon into 16 oz of food

    Drinking Water: Mix ½ teaspoon into drinking bowl, Use filtered water.

    Portions may vary depending on the age, weight, health and the pet's activity level.

    ~ HORSES ~

    Mix approximately 2 tablespoons into feed at every meal for each adult horse. Can also be added to water.

    Portions may vary depending on the age, weight, health and the pet's activity level.

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