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~ We have rec'd many responses from those concerned about not being able to obtain the MMS - Miracle Mineral Solution. Although the MMS is temporarily unavailable, most important to know is that all is well.

Many people have brought their pets back to health without the use of MMS...and so can you!


Boosting The Immune System by deactivating the molecular structure of many pathogens

A customer phoned not long ago who has about 20 stray cats visiting his place daily, most with their eyes half shut and very mangy fur. I suggested he purchase the MMS – Miracle mineral solution (along with the citric acid activator) and put a few drops in the water he offers them. He phoned back two weeks later excited that the MMS had transformed the health of these strays. Their fur coats were looking quite lovely and their eyes open and clear.

The Miracle Mineral Solution is used to deactivate the molecular structure of many pathogens that weaken the body. It is not meant to cure, treat or heal.

We have used Miracle Mineral Solution to remove pathogens (toxins) that do not belong in the body i.e. viruses, yeast and many other toxins. We cannot write about specific health issues, due to the FDA guidelines, yet if you go to he offers answers to questions you may have.

IMPORANT NOTE: We purchase our Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS) at this link Miracle Mineral Solution from a reputable company that ships quickly, with integrity and their service is excellent.

Some other manufacturers are selling the MMS at a reduced price with the Citric Acid Activator - However, they are not including enough citric acid activator - which means you will have to purchase more activator before the MMS is used up. So consider using the above link.

It will cost around $23 for both the MMS and the correct amount of citric acid activator.


Jim Humble: I’m the inventor of MMS, a solution that releases small amounts of the most effective germicide known to man in the human body, yet this germicide is totally incapable of causing damage to the body. It is known throughout the world as chlorine dioxide. Since 1947 this chemical has been the preferred way to purify city water supplies, decontaminate cruise ships of stomach viruses, eliminate anthrax from government offices, and remove bacteria from perishable foods before they get loaded onto shipping trains or trucks. My formulation and packaging of MMS makes it safely available for internal use. People mix it in their kitchens, and drink it.


During my personal journey back to good health, I spent approximately $20,000 and 1½ years detoxifying my body, learning how to re-mineralize and nourish my cells and repair damaged tissue. If MMS had been available, I would have saved thousands of dollars and sped up the detoxification process. However, I learned a tremendous amount by walking the walk; and as I learn more, I share more. My Personal Story

After learning about Jim Humble's work, it appears that many health issues can be cleared from the body, by destroying the very pathogens which weaken the immune system, with a simple 28% solution of sodium chlorite in distilled water. To activate the solution, citric acid is added which creates chlorine dioxide = MMS.

This solution is now being bottled and sold as Miracle Mineral Solution - a water purification product – Stabilized Oxygen. It is so simple and inexpensive – you may not believe it can be so effective.

MMS kills off many harmful pathogens without hurting the friendly flora. It goes right into the bloodstream - bypassing the digestive system.

MMS appears to have a positive effect on blood sugar issues as well.

Of course, this will reduce the income of the pharmaceutical companies, but that is another article. The pharmaceutical companies are fully aware of the effectiveness chlorine dioxide has to assist the body by eliminating toxins, but since it is so cheap and would dramatically reduce the drug sales –- well you know the rest of the story. MMS is a powerful oxidant.

IMMUNE SYSTEM - The MMS - Miracle Mineral Solution not only deactivates toxins and pathogens, but also helps oxygenate and alkalinize the body, strengthening the immune system. As toxins and pathogens are eliminated, the immune system, which I visualize as little pacman speeds up. As pacman speeds up it gobbles up excess yeast, viruses, bacteria and toxins etc., which cannot survive in an oxygenated/alkaline environment. More info>>

The Miracle Mineral Solution starts working right away. In a few weeks, you can cleanse a significant amount of pathogens from the body using MMS along with a few other products.

How Much To Take?
According to Jim Humble, most pathogens can be eliminated in a week or two with 15 drops 2x a day IF your body weight is under 150 pounds. If your body weight is above 150 pounds he suggests 15 drops 3x a day for at least one week.

Start with just a drop or two and build up slowly.
Some people are able to reach 15 drops 2x a day fairly easily and within weeks have completed their major detoxification of the pathogens that MMS is going to deactivate. However, many people hit a plateau at a much lower amount of drops (sometimes as little as 1 to 5 drops) and need to stay there for awhile until their body has cleansed what it can. This is not a failure. Lower dosages are effective. You may want to consider the Red Desert® Clay for easier detoxification and maintenance.

MMS begins working in the body immediately. For those who are not feeling well prior to taking the MMS, you may find you are more tired adding MMS to your regime. Consider staying at a low dosage for a longer period of time even if that lower dosage is 1 drop 2x a day OR 1 drop every other day. Or as mentioned previously, use the Red Desert® Clay.

Be sure to honor your body by not pushing it too hard. If you feel nauseous or worse after taking a dosage, cut back and build up slowly. Your body is purging toxins and you cannot rush the process.

Questions - Specific health issues go to

MMS is not a Cure-All: I have heard from some people who are ecstatic with the results of using MMS for a few weeks. I have also heard from MMS users who have a number of issues going on in their body - and they need to go at a slower pace with the MMS - taking it slowly and consistently over time.
Remember MMS does not offer any nutritional benefit to the body - so be sure you are getting minerals and nutrients to your cells. There are some suggestions farther down this page.

Purchasing ~ You can purchase a supply of MMS and the Citric Acid Activator which can last many months for about $23 plus shipping at this link Miracle Mineral Solution.

It is best to pay the extra $3 and buy the Citric Acid Activator along with the Miracle Mineral Solution, so you will have everything you need, otherwise you will have to calculate out lime or lemon juice, and it can be confusing.

Also, pick up an 8oz bottle of R.W. Knudsen Black Cherry concentrate or Cranberry concentrate. (Read "g." below)

VINEGAR ~ Vinegar is no longer recommended to add in place of the Citric Acid Activator, since it can support the growth of yeast/candida.

MMS Suggestions for people and pets:

a. Start very slowly with the MMS - Miracle Mineral Solution protocol. It starts working immediately. If you have serious health issues, honor your body by taking it slowly and resting as you detoxify - and always check with your doctor first.

b. MMS - Miracle Mineral Solution may be more potent taken before eating, or after food has digested. The evening works best, for at least one of the dosages, so if you feel a little lousy, you can rest. However, if you feel nauseous, it may be best to start off with taking your dosage right after eating.

c. Do not take MMS - Miracle Mineral Solution with orange juice or Vitamin C, since the Vitamin C will make it ineffective. If you are taking vitamin C, Jim Humble suggests a 4 to 5 hour time span between taking MMS and taking Vitamin C aka ascorbic acid.

d. Keep the MMS - Miracle Mineral Solution out of sunlight – sunlight will destroy its effectiveness in about 30 minutes. Put it in a cabinet.

e. Purchasing their video is expensive – but provides very good information. The book is excellent and will answer many of your questions. The proceeds from the book go towards ending Malaria in Africa.

f. The MMS stays in the body for about 12 hours. You may want to look at taking one dosage in the am and one in the pm to have it in your system around the clock.

g. MMS does not taste good - so adding grape juice or cranberry juice (without Vitamin C added aka ascorbic acid) is highly recommended. If you find it difficult to find juices without the Vitamin C or ascorbic acid added, check your health food stores - you may want to make your own juice OR we have found R.W. Knudsen has tiny bottles of Black Cherry concentrate and Cranberry concentrate without anything added.

h. PETS - Yes, you can use the MMS for animals as well. This information is in their book. Some people just add a drop or so of the mixture to their pets drinking water... and have phoned me to tell me their pets skin cleared up, mites disappeared and their fur became healthy once again. So I share.


NO Vinegar: Many many people have chronic yeast infections systemically in the body and do not know it. Adding vinegar may not be a good idea, since vinegar feeds yeast. The best thing to do is purchase their Citric Acid Activator, which will be the most accurate solution to add to the MMS as opposed to trying to figure out the lime or lemon juice.

Red Desert® Clay More info>>

Stem Cell Enhancer- for repairing damaged cells More info>>

TO Purchase: We purchase our MMS from this link. The company has excellent integrity and customer service: Miracle Mineral Solution


"I have a young dog that’s a little over a yr old that had developed demodex ( red mange ). I’ve been treating with dif stuff on and off for about 3 mo’s. it get’s better and then worse…

I started giving mms about a week or so ago. After the first day you could see the redness was better. i gave it for about 3 days then was gone for a few days and when I got back seemed to be redder but not as much area as before.. started back on the and immediately you can see improvement. Now there are only a couple of spots that are still noticeable. I feel confident that with continued use will take care of.

Will update later. I started at 6 drops once or twice a day as I could. Have given several 10-11 drop doses with no problems. she probably weighs around 55-60 lbs. the mms never phased her. No diarrhea.. No nausea. I think they can tolerate more than humans."


"Thought this might interest some of you folks. I have a friend that bought a stud dog several months ago (paid 7k for him). He said that he’s had him on antibiotics practically the whole time. He had to have an operation for kidney stones, has had prostate problems and can’t make puppies. He had lost allot of his hair and would barely get out of his house. He said he was getting ready to have him put down and I talked him into trying the mms. This was about 6 wks ago. He lives in ok & I’m in tx so we really don’t talk allot. He called this afternoon very excited! He says the dog is up running around acting like he should he’s grown back most of his hair already. the guy was so happy he was slobbering all over the phone… he’s going to keep it up for awhile before having his semen checked… I feel this is pretty substantial as he’s been to umpteen vets and spend boocoodles of $$$ trying to get this dog well."

Many blessings to you, as you manifest abundant health ~
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